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diabetes testing supplies may be covered by medicare. join over a million others who have chosen liberty medical. call now and get your free meter. plus, for a limited time, get a free cookbook when you join. call the number on your screen. >>> right now on msnbc, breaking news. the brother of figure skater nancy kerrigan is under arrest for assaulting his father who later died. >> also ahead, president obama appears to be hitting the reset button. so just how does the administration move forward after one year? >>> send the men home and let women pass health care? we'll hear from one congresswoman about gender and getting things done on capitol hill. >>> also ahead new minute by minute details that led up to tiger woods infamous car crash from an insider who claims to know. >>> plus an extraordinary look at the training behind one of the u.s. military's most secretive and dangerous group of warriors, the navy s.e.a.l.s. good afternoon, everybody. good afternoon, tamron. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> hey, david. good afternoon. i'm tamron hall live in new york. we begin with b
, what are entitlements? medicare, social security, veterans benefits, things that cannot be controlled that if you're entitled to them, you get them. and you look at interest on the debt is what -- is 5%. if you look at discretionary defense, it's 18%. and if you look at everything else the federal government does that everybody talks about: education, agriculture, justice, education, the 22 departments in homeland security, it is just 16% of what is spent. so if you add together the 50% and the 5% of interest, you see 55% of everything the federal government spends this year cannot -- cannot be controlled. you have to spend it. and so all the rest that's discretionary is rather small in comparison. if you project that out ten years -- and i must tell you, new numbers are coming out tomorrow, so this is the latest number that i have -- entitlements go up to 56% and interest on the debt to 14%. so that is 70% of everything that is spent in the year 2019 if things are projected forward cannot be controlled. discretionary defense is 16% and nondiscretionary -- again, everything else -- 14
't want us to take money from medicare to create a entitlement program and were scared about the spending and debt in washington. if the what you say and democrats didn't get the message they missed the point of what happened in massachusetts. >> on the other hand you just heard robert gibbs site a pole that indicates that they want scott brown to come in and work with democrats and they're not -- they want some healthcare bill, just not the one being passed. there are some positives there, so what about his argument that in fact there isn't in complete rejection of the obama agenda. >> i think so the message that scott brown effectively gave in massachusetts -- by the way, he's entitled to the lion's share of the credit with the right message at the right time but the message was not let's tweak this around the edges. it's about starting over. if that's what the white house wants to do, there are a lot of republicans that would like to work with them to do things that bring down the cost of healthcare and will make it more affordable. >> let me ask you about healthcare. if democrats and
for this commission is too broad. we can't reform social security or medicare or the tax system or the health care system just one of those things can take years for congress to address. and now we're saying to this commission, hey, let's just do it all at once. and it's not that they're going to form each and every system, but they're going to come up with some painful spending cuts and tax increases that i guarantee you, everybody in congress will dislike. the republicans will dislike the tax hikes and the democrats will dislike the spending cuts. and the supporters of this commission say, and that's its point. because if you just let the regular order of congress take place, we're just going to have partisan food fights all day long, because that's what we have been having. so that's the supporters' biggest argument for this. and they say, look, we're on a time crunch here. you know, the financial crisis has really accelerated our need to deal with this long-term fiscal shortfall. >> well, jean, if you would, stay on this for us. because i at this this is really important work, and whether or n
a trillion dollars over the next ten years, the medicare drug benefit law, which is about the cost of the health benefit. so these people have no credibility whatsoever. >> host: your book is about the failure of supply-side economics, it starts with a look back at fdr. why did you start there? >> guest: my basic idea was that it observed that supply-side economics had gone through a cycle where there was a real problem that the existing orthodoxy couldn't handle. the new philosophy came into existence, was implement, appeared to be successful and it was applied in every circumstance whether it was successful or not. so it was cycle of success and failure. and realize the canessan economics went through the same cycle. it was imcomplemented in the 1930s, helped end the great decision, and then misapplied in the 1950s and 60s and gave us inflation. so there was a symmetry that was interesting, and then i tried to ask, well, what's going to come next? >> host: that's where i'm going to ask you, what comes next? have we come full circle to an kensyaan economics. >> guest: as i was fin
been told there is a policy everyone with medicare age will be visited will be told how they wish to die. this bothers me greatly. i would like you to promise me this is not in the bill. >> nobody is going to force you to make a set of decisions on end of life care based on bureaucratic law in washington. >> mr. president i make a living selling individual health insurance. why is it you changed your strategy from talking about healthcare reform to health insurance reform and decided to vilify the insurance company. >> that's a fair question. my intent is not to vilify insurance companies if i was vilifying them it would be to say frooif vat insurance has no place in the healthcare market. so some people believe that. i do believe it. in a historic vote members in the senate asked them to pass a landmark health insurance reform package. if this leg slaegs becomes law workers won't have to worry about losing coverage if they lose or change jobs. families will save on their premiums businesses see their cost drives if we do not act will save money now and in the future. >> labor uni
're on medicare, the cost of your diabetes testing supplies as well as your prescription drugs may be covered. liberty takes care of all the paperwork with medicare and sends the prescription forms directly to your doctor for approval. then, on your schedule, packs up this box and sends it right to your door with no charge for shipping. and liberty assures you have everything you need to manage your diabetes, including most brand name meters. call now and we'll send you a free meter. plus, a free cookbook when you join. call liberty. they can help you live a better life. call the number on your screen. >>> in an hour, casey anthony will be in a courtroom. she is charged with the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. today's hearing deals with unrelated check fraud charges. during the time in 2008 when police were searching for young caylee, anthony is accused of stealing hundreds of dollars from her friend to buy clothes and groceries and to pay her phone bill. caylee's remains were found in december 2008. it's not clear what's going to happen at today's hearing. a trial was supposed to st
security and medicare, that are just steaming along. these are the more politically popular domestic programs. the point of this, when you talk to senior officials, this president wants to get serious about fiscal discipline, he's heard all the criticism about washington spending so much money. we're told that the state of the union address is going to have a lot on fiscal discipline. the president clearly trying to burnish his credentials on that. mixed reaction i'm getting from republicans, some saying they can work with the president on this. others saying it's just a fraction of the federal debt right now and really not going to be enough. the big problem for this president is going to be very senior democrats on the hill don't want their power of the purse taken away. i'm already talking to top democratic aides on the hill saying the president is going to face some real opposition, because there's going to be some really popular programs that liberals will not want to cut. >> stand by. gloria borger is here. do i hear echoes, gloria, of the president saying, in effect, the era o
. >> yes, what does is across the board spending freeze, which includes the defense department, medicare, medicaid. i mean, those are the things, if you're willing to do it across the board, then i think it makes sense. the question is folks voting for an across the board freeze, i doubt it. would you vote -- >> he favors this decifit panel to monitor federal spending but that's not going to go into effect conveniently until after the election, until he -- so he has all this time to spend. >> all government -- are you in favor of an all-government freeze or not? if you're -- this is wonderful. okay, fine, medicare and medicaid, want to make sure we've got that in the record. >> he needs to stop spending. >> i just want to makure you're on the record. martha: we've got andrea on the record, across the board freezing freeze. you've got important ideas and i appreciate you talking with them about this this morning. gregg: you may recall candidate obama ridiculed a guy named john mccain when he proposed a spending freeze. we're going to talk about that in the next hour. >>> new research on o
't let the government put its hands on my medicare tax code -- medicare?" >> we are hoping to point out that that crisis is sufficiently imminent so that we have to move ahead, and we think that is likely to be persuasive. it is not that the leadership of the congress and the administration do not know about this problem. it is not that they do not know what some of the options are. but so far partisanship has prevailed, and we hope we can turn that around. >> i think it is obvious that the leadership in both houses know the problems are big and know it is bad. if we can just add to the trepidation, to the fear that this is something really big, and we'd better think big an act big and try to pull ourselves together so that we can politically we're doing something we would not otherwise do, we cannot do that if we're not addressing the problem in that way. one more. >> "new york times", senator dementia. one of the biggest things -- senator demomenciici. could you explain why you think that taxes have to be on the table? senator mitch mcconnell said the he would accept a cut spending co
a policy point of view video what this ended up being was a $2.5 trillion bill, they cut medicare by half a trillion dollars, raised taxes by a half a trillion dollar, drive up insurance premiums for most americans, that's not preform. that didn't have much appeal to republican senators. >> so tick off the top three points of the republican plan for health care reform. >> first you do have to do it on a bipartisan basis. you put the cspan cameras in the room as the president said. you start with junk lawsuits against doctors and hospital, interstate competition among insurance companies, and many of my members would be looking -- willing to look at equalizing the tax code. right now if you're a corporation and you provide insurance, for your employees you get to deduct it on your corporate tax return. if you're an individual on the individual market, you don't. step by step to work on the cost problem. that's what republicans are willing to do. >> is universal coverage a priority? >> expanding coverage is a good idea. but even under this $2.5 trillion monstrosity they didn't end up coveri
will pay for the old. we did it with medicare, the young will pay for the old's health insurance. there's no sense on the part of the american people right now nor has it been sold to them that one group should pay for somebody else's health care. because that hasn't happened, every time you hear the word subsidy or mandate, we go crazy. that's why this thing hasn't sold. peter, chris, thank you. >>> j.d. hayworth big with the tea party, quit his job, he's going to run apparently, primary john mccain out in arizona. what a battle royale that's going to be right in far right. can mccain defend his right flank with the help of sarah palin? what a fight on the right that's going to be. in hot weather this summer. this is "hardball" only on msnbc.a l tle love today ♪ ♪ spread a little somethin' to remember ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪ >>> time magazine's man of the year, averting a great depression, but no good deed goes unpunished. ben bernanke is going to get a second term, but not first without taking some a
. that's what they've been pushing for. let's push people into medicaid. let's push people into medicare when both of those programs are in deep financial insolvency. >> i need to get this to senator menendez. in the wake of the election the white house has said they've going to have david plouffe come back from the outside, the campaign manager they had in 2008. he's going to travel the country. he's going to get more involved in campaigns for governor and senate. implicit in all that is your committee, the democratic senatorial campaign committee missed the xwoet in massachusetts, didn't see this stunning upset coming and they believe if you'd listened to them they'd somehow need to circumvent what you're doiso it doesn't happen again. was the failure in your committee and do you need this help or is that med snlg. >> we welcome the white house beefing up their political operation in a volatile political atmosphere. secondly, we didn't start under my term with 60 votes. we had 60 votes. clearly, we did everything we could in massachusetts. i think the big takeaway from massachusetts, h
in to discretionary spending. i mean which is a small part of the budget. but you can't do... the way you do medicare is the way they were starting to do it in the health-care bill and the entitlements. these are the big ticket items, innd and defense and service on the debt. so wall street, deficit reduction and number three, is infrastructure projects. now the interesting thing about the stimulus project, remember all the talk about shovel-ready projects last year? there were no... there wasn't. >> rose: why not. >> they didn't even have shovels. because it takes time to get these things through. and what you are going to see this year in the next three quarters is that one-third of the stimulus was infrastructure is going to start coming on board, and creating some jobs and also creating some signs saying you know, the obama administration... . >> rose: so you do i have in problem with the stimulus program congress wrote. >> no, i don't. it takes time to do it but one thing he should do, the most popular campaign proposal he had was for a national infrastructure bank. which would take the yes or n
to qualify for medicare, the gannons say they can no longer afford their own health care coverage. >> god, if one of us gets sick, what do we do now? because we don't have anything. >> we're going to sit up now. >> narrator: patrick goes to physical, speech, and occupational therapy at a nearby hospital paid for by blue shield but the family says they can spend hours on the phone each day trying to get approval for additional sessions. his therapist says he needs them. >> they give you wrong numbers to call them back. they give you wrong fax numbers. >> it's no longer a denial. it's you just didn't get the therapies you asked for. which in one case was 24. we got 12. >> narrator: they take what they get and appeal the rest. >> patrick, can you lift your head up? >> i'm right here. >> all the way up. >> up. >> he has deteriorated from a muscle structure point of view. one at a time. >> come on. >> yeah! >> narrator: at the end of the day, exhaustion. >> he's going to have to come off the bed. >> narrator: but little sleep. >> i always want to be close to him, just in case. and this is the
't cut the deficit without cutting medicare, which is on a track to explode in spending over the next 40 years. and without cutting social security. will this panel tackle that first? >> you know, i can't predict what the panel will do. everything is on the table, including the entitlements, including revenue. we all know what the reality is. the trustees of medicare have told us it's going to go broke in eight years. social secure's cash negative, headed for insolvency as well. anybody that says we don't need to make any changes, i think, is living in dream world. >> senator what would you specifically like to see change, though? if you had, you know, your wish you could put one thing on the table to get this accomplished, what would it be? >> there isn't one thing. what is required is a series of things clearly, the entitlements have to be dealt with. also the revenue side of the equation. revenue's now the lowest as a percentage of our gross domestic product in 50 years. we're not collecting a big chunk of the money that's actually owed. some people say, look, you're going to have a t
george w. bush understand with his prescription drug benefit under medicare. it was very unpopular when passed. people had all sorts of objections. said go back to the drawing board. he pushed it through, and today no one would dare push it, it's so popular. if you get the health care bill passed, instead of focusing on all of the scare stories that come from sarah and rush, who are the harry and louise of this year, by the way, instead of focusing on those scare stories people see the benefits and it becomes popular, as jobs get created the president will get credit for the recovery just as reagan did get credit in '84 and '83. >> should it be part of the state of the union address? >> it's not so much of what he talks about, it's how he talks about it. is he conciliatory? is he president of the whole country or shrink into the leader of the party? does he repeat the speech in elyria, ohio, which is not true to his nature, not true to his presidency. >> thank you both for being here. don't miss the state of the union address. we'll get analysis from the best political team on televisio
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girls, who genuinely feels there will be no social security for him, that medicare may not be there either, and he understands that the global competition facing his generation and his daughters' generation is greater than at any other time in our nation's history. the global competition is greater than at any other time in this nation's history, and that the burden that we have created because of our fiscal irresponsibility brings into question whether his children will enjoy the same opportunity for a standard of living that we have had. mr. president, i said in the beginning of my speech i believe the issues this amendment is designed to address, our national debt and deficits as far as the eye can see, can two of the most important issues congress and our nation face. our failure to address these issues will damage our economy, our nation's security, peace in the world, and the kind of future that we leave to our children and grandchildren. mr. president, the future of our nation is in our hands. the future of our nation is in the hands of these 100 senators here, a
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)